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Methods of Producing Essential Oils

The most common method which is used for preparing essential oils is the hydro-distillation method, it is of three types Direct Steam Distillation, Water And Steam Distillation and Water Distillation. All these methods are open to the same considerations when dealing with distillation. There are several volatile oils that cannot be obtained via distillation methods, for them mechanical means are employed. In some countries, the main method for extracting citrus oil involves the puncturing oil glands by rolling the fruits. For this method, trough which has sharp projections is used, it penetrates the epidermis and then pierces the oil glands that are located on the exterior peel, this method is commonly called as the Ecuelle Method.

Traditional Method of Producing Attar

Floral attars are the distillates that are obtained by the hydro-distillation of flowers (such as jasmine, marigold, pandanus, rose, etc.) The process we use for extracting Attar and scented water brings tremendous success to our company. Our company employ traditional techniques of extracting the attar, the process is done from the freshly plucked flowers. In our premise, several traditional extraction equipment are there such as:

  • Bhapka (receiver)
  • Chonga (bamboo condenser)
  • Deg (still)
  • Gachchi (cooling water tank)
  • Kuppi (leather bottle)
  • Traditional bhatti (furnace)

With the use of these equipment, we prepare attars in the authentic way.

Testing Facilities

Our company serves high quality oils,scented water and attars that are trusted in the market for being 100% natural and pure. We make available the packs of oils to the customers after passing them via series of tests that are conducted in our laboratories. We also provide lab tests results to the customers along with these products. We have a separate Testing Cell in which all these testing procedures are carried out by the experts.